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    Day 4 is done and we are now on Day 5. Our smoothie yesterday was sweeter (green tea, wheatgrass, strawberries, cherries, camelina oil, protein powder) – we left out the spinach. For lunch I had scrambled egg with chives and kale which I ate wrapped up in iceberg lettuce. Later on I made a slaw like thing with the new shredder attachment I got on boxing day for my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. It worked great! Ingredients included shredded carrots and kolhrabi, chopped red pepper, grape tomatoes and chives, sesame seeds and sesame oil. Daren brought home falafel chips and hummus, which was an awesome surprise. Today we made zucchini/potato pancakes (shredded zucchini & potatoes, chopped red pepper, garlic, onions, quinoa flakes, eggs). They were pretty tasty.

    I won’t lie. I want sugar. I dream of ketchup. And chocolate. I definitely miss sugar more than I miss dairy or wheat. Apparently, after a while, the sadness and craving is supposed to pass. I’m waiting for that to happen.

    Carrot & Kohlrabi slaw.

    Zucchini & potato pancakes frying

    Zucchini & potato pancakes ready for eating.

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