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    To celebrate the first 12 days of 2013 we have decided to do the Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox. Basically it involves cutting out sugar, dairy and wheat for 12 days and taking some herbal supplements. Other than that you can pretty much eat whatever, with a few exceptions. Today is Day 1. So far we’ve had a smoothie (green tea, wheatgrass, soy protein powder, camelina oil, carrots, spinach, raspberries), rice cakes with almond butter and a whole bunch of popcorn with spicy camelina oil. If you haven’t heard of camelina oil, you should try it (http://threefarmers.ca/). It’s awesome. It’s high in omega-3, omega-6 and vitamin E, has a long shelf life and is heat tolerant to high temperatures, which makes it perfect for cooking (unlike flax oil). And it’s from Saskatchewan, which makes it even more awesome!

    So, it’s been about 16 hours since midnight and we seem to have discovered something. We may be addicted to sugar. We both feel tired and one of us has a headache. Apparently “sugar-withdrawal” may happen, but I didn’t think it would happen this fast! We don’t eat a ton of sugar normally, but December was filled with more cookies and sweets than normal. Sugar also hides in all kinds of things – we were grocery shopping yesterday and I was surprised to find sugar in fish balls at T&T!

    A few hours later…

    Tonight we made a Moroccan chickpea and millet soup/stew thing and some indian quinoa. It was really tasty and filling. The stew had onions, garlic, chives, celery, kale, potatoes, millet, chickpeas, cumin, tumeric, star anise, nutmeg, salt, pepper, lemon slices and cilantro. The quinoa had cardamon pods, a bay leaf, carrots, cinnamon and salt. Normally we would put thai sweet chili sauce on a meal like this, but that’s out because of the sugar. Instead we put some chili carmelina oil on the quinoa, which was surprisingly good.

    One day down, 11 to go! We’ll see how Daren does at work tomorrow surrounded by leftover christmas cookies and chocolates.


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