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    We are now nearing the end of Day 7. Yesterday we went to Daren’s parents for dinner. His family (and especially his sister) kindly supported us in our D-tox and we had a full spread of yummy detox friendly food that we helped cook. Salmon, quinoa salad with sweet potatoes, green onions & pecans, carrot/kohlrabi slaw, green salad with avocado dressing and beans with smoked paprika & brown rice.

    This morning we had a smoothie (green tea, wheatgrass, blueberries, raspberries, lemon juice, camelina oil, protein powder). Tonight’s dinner was spaghetti with kelp noodles! Kelp noodles are great (http://www.kelpnoodles.com/). They are made with seaweed (as the name suggests). They are quite firm but soften up when in contact with acidic food (like tomato sauce).

    I don’t feel too horrible. I didn’t think about cookies and chocolate that much today. Daren is feeling a bit weak and a little photosensitive (???). Apparently headlights seemed brighter than usual tonight. Maybe his eyes are functioning better now than before!

    Salmon with dill, lemon and garlic

    Quinoa salad

    Green salad and smoked paprika beans with brown rice

    all ingredients were from we the north market

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