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    We made a breakthrough today in the field of evolutionary science. We started with the observation that people who gain weight tend to get tired more easily and are generally less fit than before they gained weight. If the whole point of putting on fat back on the savannah was to store excess energy for the lean times, then wouldn’t staying in shape make more sense, to retain the ability to start hunting again when the opportunity arises?

    But (said Corree), you need to think of it like how hibernating animals fatten up for the winter. Our ancestors likewise probably didn’t have anywhere to go or anything to do in the winter, so there was probably no need for a high level of fitness….

    And that led to the further observation that even today, people often eat a lot in December, seemingly trying to put on some fat for the cold winter months ahead. Not only that, but the feasting truly starts with Thanksgiving and actually ends with the new year. In fact, there are no feast-type holidays throughout the rest of the year!

    So with that, make sure to fatten up for those cold, hard months ahead, and have a happy holiday!

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